Golf Course Information

Hole 1 Par 4

Slight dogleg to the left at first landing area for most golfers, the landing area and green are guided each by a lone bunker at strategic location. A very interesting opening hole where you can afford to be more aggressive and not worry about the water hazards.

Hole 2 Par 5

A long and treacherous lake guards the entire right side of this reachable par 5. Nests of bunkers stretch the left approach to the green. This adds to the challenge.

Hole 3 Par 4

Probably the most difficult hole with the OB boundary on the left and a lake on the right coupled with bunkers located at both sides of the fairway. The green is the largest on the course with bold but receptive contours.

Hole 4 Par 3

A narrow green parallel to the line of play, the club selection is important to the tee elevation.

Hole 5 Par 4

A very short par 4. However, due to the retention of many large existing trees on the right of the fairway, the drive required is one of the more demanding ones.

Hole 6 Par 4

The lake on the right side does threaten the drive with the fairway narrowing down at about 230 metres from the back tees. An accurate approach shot is a must when the pin is placed at the back portion of the green as the back half of the green slopes towards the pond.

Hole 7 Par 3

The approach shot calls for a mid to long iron from elevated tees to a large and well-bunkered green which is set perpendicular to the line of play. The canal does not come into play except for a bad tee shot.

Hole 8 Par 5

A short par 5 uphill all the way. A long and accurate drive is a must in order to open at the elevated landing area. It should not pose any problems for most golfers from the second shot onwards.

Hole 9 Par 4

A wide and receptive fairway with large bunkers strategically placed, encourages golfers to rip it. The second shot across the canal is somewhat daunting for short hitters. This is one of the more demanding holes.

Hole 10 Par 4

An ideal opening hole for the inward nine. The fairway is wide and receptive to all levels of play. The green is medium-sized, protected by only one bunker on the left.

Hole 11 Par 3

The only hole without bunkers. The ever-present lake on the right will cause the usual worries as the green slopes towards the lake.

Hole 12 Par 4

The fairway is fairly wide but split into two distinctive areas. The aggressive line is right, flirting with both the water and a carry bunker. The safer line is a longer route away from the water.

Hole 13 Par 5

The canal lines the entire length on the left side with the OB boundary on the right. So accuracy is a must. This hole will reward those who have mastered the art of long straight drives.

Hole 14 Par 3

The signature par 3 hole of the course. The entire distance between the green and the tees is separated by water. Distance alone will not be the most demanding factor in the execution of the tee shot. It is the psychological effect of an all-water carry that will be the downfall of most duffers. Wind conditions should be considered in the selection of clubs.

A view of the reservoir forms the backdrop to the green, making the target challenging to spot. Two sand bunkers located at the rear of the green pose an additional challenge.

Once the putting surface has been successfully reached, three putting will be rare as the contour of the green is slight and is therefore receptive to good putting.

Hole 15 Par 5

A relatively short par 5. Accuracy will be vital as the tee shot is diagonally across the 50-metre wide canal. The threat comes from the water on the left. Keep to the right portion of the fairway to ensure a dry ball to the green.

Hole 16 Par 3

The green is surrounded by small bunkers. The putting surface is relatively small, befitting a hole of this length, but slopes away from the line of play.

Hole 17 Par 4

A relatively short par 4 with a wide fairway. The favoured side for the drive is down the left side in order to obtain the angle into the green.

Hole 18 Par 4

A very demanding par 4, where pars will be rare, well-earned and much savoured. Your tee shot needs to be long and should just skirt the two fairway bunkers. Almost a third of the green is a steep and sloping false front, so make sure your approach is up to the hole or recovery will be difficult.