Policy for Internet Booking of Weekend & Public Holiday Slots

Please note that with immediate effect, the following policy will be in place for internet booking of weekend and Public Holiday (PH) slots:

  • Each Golfing Principal member can only book ONE flight for each weekend and PH (if PH is applicable) i.e. either Saturday, Sunday or PH.
  • If a member books more than one internet flight for a weekend and PH, the Golfing office will contact the member to confirm the booking of only one of these flights.

A member who wishes to book more than one flight for the same weekend and PH (eg. booked Saturday through internet and would like to book on Sunday or PH) may do so at the In-Person Booking (10.00am on Thursday at the Events Room) or through phone booking (starts from 10.00am on Friday).

Thank you and we seek your cooperation on the above.

Internet Flights Availability During Ladies’ Monthly Medals

Dear Members

With effect from 1 March 2019, please note that:

  1. When the Ladies’ Medal is held in the morning, morning internet flights of the same day will not be available for booking.
  1. Conversely, when the Ladies’ Medal is held in the afternoon, there will be no internet flights in the afternoon of the same day available for booking.

Thank you.

Procedures for Thursday ‘In-Person Booking’ for Play on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays

These procedures will be in place with effect from 3 January 2019:

1. Unless otherwise stated, the weekend in-person booking is allowed on Thursday (9 days before the effective weekend or the week prior to the applicable Public Holiday).

2. The in-person booking is ONLY applicable for Principal Members.

3. The in-person booking will be conducted in the Events Room.

4. At the time of placing an in-person booking, the Principal Member will be required to produce his/her Membership Card.

5. On the booking day, the Events Room door will be opened at 10.00AM and booking of golf flights will start immediately.

6. Each member will book orderly according to his/her queue line at the section (Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday) that he/she intends to play.

7. Each Principal Member is permitted to book ONLY one (1) flight (minimum 3 names) for the intended day of play.

8. If a member who queues to make a booking for play (for example) on a Saturday and wishes to make another booking for play on the Sunday or Public Holiday, he/she must go behind the queue of Sunday or Public Holiday AFTER his/her first booking.

9. After at around 10.15am, members can still book (must be in-person and not through phone or email) the left-over flights/slots (if any) until 7.45pm at the Golf Reception on the same booking day.

10. The Club reserves the right to fill in any unused slots.

11. Club officials reserve the right to decline members (from booking) who are not adhering to the above rules & regulations and shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Weekend and Public Holiday Golf Bookings

Dear Members

Kindly be informed of the following which will take place with immediate effect:

1. The deadline for changes and/or cancellation of weekend/PH golf bookings (except for Club events*) is at 10.00am every Wednesday prior to the same weekend.

2. The Golfing Office reserves the right to slot player(s) into flights (including Internet flights) that consist of less than 4 players after the above stipulated deadline.

3. Members are to call or email the Golfing Office for any changes to the bookings. The Golfing Office will no longer call or consult members for updating of the booked flights.

4. Reminder: In the event of late cancellation or no-show by any player, the booker will be charged a penalty fee of $40 each. For example, if a member booked a 4-ball flight and only 3 balls turned up on the date of play, the booker will incur a penalty of $40 unless valid or supporting documentation is provided.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on the above.

*Cancellation of sign-ups for Club events must be made before the closing date stated on the event poster.