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Dear Members


We refer to our notice dated 1 August 2017 wherein we had notified members of the intended changes to the Minimum Spending Levy (MSL) with effect from 1 October 2017.

As stated in our said notice, the objective of changing the MSL to be utilised only for Food & Beverage (F&B) outlets was to encourage members to patronise the Club’s F&B outlets more regularly and increase the vibrancy of the Club’s F&B scene.

After the changes were implemented, we received feedback from our members. After considering the feedback, the Management Committee has decided to put the changes on hold and review the matter further.

With effect from the date of this notice, the Club shall revert to the previous position such that the MSL may be utilised for golfing and all other Club facilities, competitions, events, classes and fees.

All expenses incurred by members from 1 October 2017 to the date of this notice, for the use of golfing and all other Club facilities, competitions, events, classes and fees shall apply under MSL for this current quarter.

It remains unchanged that any amount unspent at the end of each respective quarter will be charged as expenditure to the member’s account.

In the meantime, the Management Committee will revisit the issue of making changes to the MSL with members at a later time, after we have reviewed the matter.

We thank members for their feedback and understanding on this.

The Management Commitee

Best Renovated Course in Asia Pacific

We are very pleased to announce that Warren Golf & Country Club has been awarded the “Best Renovated Course in Asia Pacific” at the Asian Golf Awards 2017 held at Danang, Vietnam!

In the same Awards, our Golf Course Superintendent, Raja Patchamutho, came in 3rd in the “Best Golf Course Superintendent of the Year” category.

Imposition of Wheel-Clamping on Indiscriminate Parking at Members’ Carpark

Due to heavy demand for parking lots at the Members’ Carpark, some members have resorted to parking outside designated lots and along kerbsides.

Such indiscriminate parking poses a safety hazard and an obstruction to other drivers and pedestrians. Recently, incidents of near-misses and accidents involving vehicles parked outside designated parking lots have been brought to the attention of the Management.

In view of this, the Management will be imposing a strict “No Parking” rule along kerbsides and at locations outside designated parking lots in the Members’ Carpark.

With effect from 1 November 2017, in accordance with the provision stipulated in Club Rules Article 19.12, offending vehicles will be wheel-clamped and a fee of $100.00 will be imposed for the release of the wheel clamp.

Members are requested to refrain from parking indiscriminately but are advised to park at the Visitors’ Carpark when there are no available lots at the Members’ Carpark.

Strictly “No Parking” along kerbsides.

Offending vehicles will be wheel-clamped.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Golfers’ Terrace & T Bar Going Cashless

Dear Members


Please note that with effect from Monday 27 March 2017, Golfers’ Terrace and T Bar will be going cashless i.e. cash payments will not be accepted.

Only payments by membership cards, NETS and credit cards will be accepted at these 2 outlets.

Any inconvenience caused is much regretted.

Thank you.

The Club Management

Renewal of Car Decals (2017 – 2019)

Members with car decal/s which expired on 31 December 2016 are required to apply for a new car decal/s by completing the form below.

Members who are applying for a 2nd car decal will have to show documentary proof of ownership of both vehicles.

Please submit your application only once.

The new car decal(s) can be collected at the Club’s Main Reception 3 working days upon application submission. Kindly note that the old decal(s) must be returned at the same time.

Please fill in the following fields for us to process your new decal(s):

Fields marked with an * are required

(Note: Please attach vehicle log cards of both cars if applying for 2 car decals)

Acceptable file formats: .jpeg, .gif. png, .pdf. Please ensure each file does not exceed 2mb

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BREAK 6.10 pm
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Bus Stop Opposite MRT’S entrance/exit

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